Sunday, December 19, 2004


Other cool girls in tiaras.

Miss Universum


Saturday, December 18, 2004


Ok, it's not my birthday until Tuseday...but still.

Thursday, December 16, 2004


"...för du sa man blir vacker om man följer sina drömmar".

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Today I've been studying, writing on my essay. I'll go and buy some milk now.

Monday, December 13, 2004


Got a nurse to look at one of my scars this morning. One isn't looking as good as the others. Dancing to much saturday night/morning maybe? :P No, I knew that one would be trouble. The doctor had trouble with the sewing there and the nurse who took the stitches away had trouble there too. Anyway, this other nurse put a tape there to get it together a little.

When I got there and was taking my coat off to hang it up this old man hurried to give me a hanger. I guess he was done about the same time as me because he was there when I was getting my coat. Then he hurried to grab it to help me on with it. I think that it has only happened to me once, and that was at an italian restaurant in Gamla stan in Stockholm and that guy were payed to take peoples coats off and hang them up. ;) This wasn't a fancy old man in a suit or something either. I know how to dress myself but I smiled and said thanks anyway. Then I got the answer to why. "You have such a nice t-shirt on...and I have to show that I support it." I had a blue t-shirt with a print that says "FEMINIST". I smiled and said that that was good.

Exactly why I am a feminist, to get old men to help me with my coat... I wonder what he thought exactly. What his idea of feminism is. I hope he wasn't sarchastic, but I don't think he was. He was just trying to be nice. And it was kind of fun.

Should try to get some studying done now.

And yeah, it's Lucia today.

Saturday, December 11, 2004


I spent around four hours running around different stores yesterday. I was just going to spend an hour down in the city centre i thought. I was going to get a film developed, I was going to check out some jeans and I was going to go to systemet to buy a bottle of wine. I couldn't decide about the jeans at first and when I finally did they were too long so I had to wait for them to fix it. At the photo shop they had to develop the film all over again since the machine had put dates on the front of all my pictures. And I ran around trying to find christmas gifts for friends an family, and I actually found some stuff. Today I've also been running around town together with Lena. Looking for more gifts. Hehe, ended up buying myself a skirt. Maybe I'll wear it tonight at this birthdayparty I am going to. A friend's friend turns twentyfive the day after my birthday, but she'll have the party now and at my friend's place. I'm sure it'll be fun but I don't know if there will be that much people I've met before. That makes me a little nervous. I'm also quite tired but I hope I'll feel more up to it after some food and a shower. Need to study a little too. *yawn* I think I'll try my skirt on now. (You can actually see a little of it on Indiska. Chose "Kvinna" and it's the black one with flowers on it that the woman in the first pic wears.)

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Soon I am going to take my first real shower in a week! I have been having some stitches on my body since last Tuseday (just got rid of some liverspots) and I wont get rid of them until Friday, but I should be able to take a real shower now. I hope it wont hurt. I have never experienced something like this before so I think it's quite interesting and fascinating, haha. It has been quite a procedure to bend over to wash my hair and still keeping the band aid-thing on my lower back in place. But it is peanuts anyway, it has been healing well. I think. And by the way, Sanna if you are reading this; you don't have to be jealous of the black thread anymore since I discovered that it is only the six stitches in my lower back that are black, the other ones are thinner and blue. ;)

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Watch out...

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