Friday, November 26, 2004

That song

She's going to sing it. There will be a christmas concert. It will be the 18th. I have a train ticket to go up there the 19th. Yay...

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Some kind soul finally helped me with the chords to this song I've been going on about here lately. Not that difficult chords either, but it sounds like shit when I try to sing along. More shitty than usual actually.

Oh god, I'm so hungry. Got to make that tomato soup soon.

Tomorrow I'll be spending the afternoon in Stockholm. I'm going to fika myself through it. Fika is an excellent Swedish verb/substantive that I'm not going further into right now. Anyway, first I'm going to see my darling Krirri. It has been long time no see. Then I'm going to spend some time with another friend I haven't seen for a year either. Last time didn't end that good but it's a little different this time around. It'll be good even if I'm stressed out about school.

Friday I'll be going home to my parents. Should have been doing a road trip with two other people but due to some circumstances that wont be happening. I decided to still go there though, so I'll take the train. It's going to be nice with some change of environment and to see my parents, my cat and my Sandra. I'm going to have some coffee with her right when I get up there. Saturday I'll bake some lussekatter with my mother, mmm. It's first advent on Sunday and it's winter weather. Great. Wont have time for the glögg at Sandra's though, need to get back to Uppsala.

On Monday I'll be going to Stockholm again to spend some time with Hanna and to see Winnerbäck again! Then hurry back home again... Shit, I really need to work on my essay now and chose the articles so I can print them and take them with me up north to analyze them between eating lussekatter and pepparkakor.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Joyful Girl

The December child in me feels really joyful today. Or maybe it's the fact that I am a norrlänning in the south. We have had this perfect winter weather for two days now, snow for three. The sun has been shining from a clear blue sky, no wind, a thick cover of snow on everything and -5 to -10 degrees. Perfect! Squeeking sound from the shoes while walking. It really is winter! I wish it could be like this through February. Skip the slush. Snow, or no snow at all. It feels kind of like Christmas.

Makes me think of last year when I went to a christmas concert with a friend. At first I couldn't find the church and it was really cold. We got a great seat in the church and we got to hear a favorite voice of ours. She had some other musicians with her and also a freaky author that kept having this monologues. Fun to do interpretations of him later though, hehe. I sat there thinking that I would probably not get to hear that song she did a couple of years earlier. That beautiful christmas song. And then she (they) did it as the last song.

"Snart kommer änglarna att landa,
snart står morgonen i brand..."

Friday, November 19, 2004


Today was an absolutely beautiful winter day! We got quite a lot of snow yesterday and it is still here. Everything is covered in a soft layer of snow. It was no wind, wich is unusual for this city. The sun was shining and it was between -5 and -10 degrees. Absolutely beautiful! I got an sms from a friend around lunch saying "It's lovely weather, go for a walk if you haven't allready!".

I went for a walk. Had a long lunch with Kajsa from the anthropology courses. She talks even more than I do and we hadn't met since June. Took a walk home, got my training clothes and went back into town. Quite stressed, because the lock to my bike had freezed. Biked fast like hell and just got in time for the power yoga class. I really liked it!

Got Trust today too! But...I haven't got any dvd-player yet. Have to wait until I go home to my parents next weekend.

Otherwise "I just happen to feel so alone..."

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


My knee hurts. It's not really my knee, it's on the inside and a bit lower. I streched something yesterday while trying to making some kicks at the boxercise. I really hope it will go away soon! It hurts when I walk in stairs, ride my bike uphills, try to sit with legs crossed (akimbo! hehe) and so on, and I have signed up to try power yoga on Friday...

This day started with a lunch with a friend. Some kind of curry pasta at one of the student nations. Cheap and ok. Went to school and actually sat there reading for four hours like a good student, haha! When I went home it was dark and just so fucking cold. At least it felt fucking cold. -3,5. Tomorrow snow chaos is to expect.

"Snart kommer änglarna att landa..."

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


A lot of stuff is annoying. I feel annoyed. This day went somewhat wrong somewhere this afternoon, but maybe it wasn't even good in the first place. Not really shitty, just fucking annoying. I'll just leave it at this.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Ordinary odd day

I went to see Winnerbäck yesterday and it was so fucking great! I think it was the sixteenth time I saw him, ehum. I've seen him solo with an acoustic guitar before, but this is the first whole tour he does that way. The setlist was excellent and he was in a really good mood, talking and joking. As usual he looked a little embarrassed when getting standing ovations. The concert felt really intimate, at least in the third row where I sat. I hope my photos will turn out great. I'm a little worried about that actually.

I was going to go by myself and had sold the other ticket and all, but a friend's friend was going with some of her friends. They didn't have seats together either. I was invited to go with them and that was very nice. Had some beers afterwards and so.

Anna Ternheim was absolutely great too. Her voice is so strong and clear, her lyris so sad. It's just lovely! She almost hide in this big Winnerbäck hoodie.

Today I took a walk just about when the sun was setting. It was even colder outside than I had thought. Went to school and checked some exam results. I passed the quantitative sociological analysis. Good. Then when walking into the park I met Stina, a girl I went to school with when I was 13-18. Not in the same class, but we had some lessons together. Like French and English. I know that she also studies at the university here and I met her here a couple of years ago. Really fun to see her though! We stood there and talked for a while when this old lady in a red coat stopped and asked us if we knew who the statue a little further away was.

She didn't asked in a tourist way, she asked cause she wanted to make sure that we knew. I always think about that statue as Dag Hammarskjöld but it's's Folke Bernadotte. The lady started talking about the importance of Bernadotte's efforts and knowing our history. I know who he was, I just didn't remember that he was the guy in the park. She continued talking about the white busses ("it was not just the prisoners you know, it was the women born in Sweden and their children.") and about that it was probably the only thing Sweden did during the war that we should be proud of. She's right. And I stood there freezing my legs off and it was getting really dark. The lady started walking away and kind of ended the conversation but then she started again, and she told us that she had a german father and a swedish mother. She had been living in Germany but had visited Sweden every summer since she was six weeks old. In the summer of 1943 they were suddenly not welcomed. I didn't really get the exact story, but she talked about coming to Denmark and being welcomed and then about beeing looked at like they were monkeys. When coming to Sweden with the busses maybe? And she talked about a change after 1945. I guess she ment that they were welcomed here then in a way. She said that she had no prejudices towards other people, that there are bad and good people amongst all people. And she ended it all by saying that it seems like our (mine and Stina's) generation seems to be better in that way that we have a greater understanding. We answered her that we hoped she was right.

I said bye to Stina and continued my walk, wich I shortened a little because I was freezing my ass off. At the other side of the old cemetary I met this little group of people all dressed up, marching with a flag with torches in their hands. People from some student nation visiting a nation grave I guess. Not an unusual sight in this town. Not like it happens everyday, but still. And still it feels odd, and it reminds me of the really traditional part of the student life here that I feel no connections to at all. You know, it's the non-academic working-/lower middleclass heritage that comes to the surface.

"And I find it useless, feeling meaningless
And just as low as I was high the night before..."

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


It's really grey weather today. But it's not windy and it's not raining, so I guess it's ok. It's not that cold either. Not horrible, but boring.

I went to the gym yesterday, to a boxercise class. My body hurts all over today. I will be going back there in a few hours to get a gym introduction. Oh my. Feels good to be back on track though.

This Friday I'll see Lasse and Anna Ternheim. :) I'm going by myself since none of my friends could go (lack of time, lack of money or just lack of interest). I sold the other ticket to a shy little 15-yearold I found on the net. The concert will be great. I have a great seat and I wont care about anyone else, just enjoy the music. Hope I'll get some good photos too.

I think I need some coffee now, otherwise I'll fall asleep. Need to get some work done here.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


It's November now. The beautiful part of fall is over and the winter is here soon. This time can be so unmercifully cold, gray and rainy. A friend of mine said that one must try to come up with fun and interesting things to do this month, and I agree with her. It's important, so it's not just school and bad weather. But it's good to have a lot to do in school too.

Yesterday me and my friend went to a seminar at Stockholm university about working as a feminist within the parliament. It was interesting and afterwards we met a friend of mine for some coffee. Tomorrow me and that first friend might actually go to the gym. That will be the first time for oh so long.

I slept so bad last night. Early this morning I think my stomach woke up and tried to kill me. A revenge to some stress and a day with only sanwiches maybe. I hope I'll sleep better tonight and that I'll wake up tomorrow to a reality where George W Bush is no longer president of the U.S. (or is it the world?). Unfortunatly I doubt it will happen. It is exciting though. Exciting but frustrating.