Monday, June 20, 2005

Sweet memories

One of the gigs last night kind of became a trip down memory lane. I hadn't seen The Ark, with their singer Ola Salo, since 2001. I listened a lot to their first album that summer and I have some great memories from two gigs. I also have some memories that aren't quite that happy. A little more heavy, some of it. Some of the songs ment a lot to me. Sure I've listened to them since, but it was very intense there for a while and like I said I hadn't seen them live since then.

I had almost forgotten about that man's torso, hehehe.

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Today it's summer weather. Lovely. It was warm a couple of weeks ago but it has been really cold and boring lately. Today it's over 20 degrees and it's wonderful. Windy though. And I haven't had time to be outside much today. Slept too long (I fall asleep around three or four in the morning and wake up around 12.30 or something) and then I've been cleaning and that kind of stuff.

Went home to my parents over the weekend. My brother had come home for the summer too. I went to this reunion thing too. My class (and all classes from my school that year and all schools around the city) from when i was 15-16 years old. That is 9th grade here, and the last year of grundskolan which all children has to go through. The last three years of grundskolan is called högstadiet. Then it's gymnasiet, kind of like high school. And that's up to each and everyone. Most people go through it though nowadays. Anyway, it was a ten years anniversery thing. Not even half of the people showed up but it was fun to see some people from my class, and some old friends and friends of other friends. Met some people from my class from gymnasiet too. The party in itself wasn't that great though. was kind of how I had expected it to be. Met a childhood friend too (that went to my school in högstadiet but we were really good friends when we were 6-10 years old or so, and we were neighbours) and it was really fun talking to her.

So, I'm still waiting for a time for my essay seminar. This man and his rules... I should be finising some old papers but I'm to tired to do it. Need to though. Soon. But right now, I'm going to clean my windows and then buy some food for dinner.

Yeah, and I'm going to this hen-party/bridal shower or whatever you like to call it. We call it möhippa. My friend E. is getting married later this summer but the shower is Saturday. None of this silly embarrassing stuff, but a little "girlie". It'll be fun though. Some boxercise, picknick, her recording a song in a studio and getting a make-up and party with more food and drinks. I've never been to a bridal shower before. And not a wedding either since i was 10½ and my parents got married. My friend S. recently got married though, but with only the closest family members there and then they went straight to Paris. They'll have a wedding party this summer though. Oh my... At least no one's having kids yet! (Old schoolfriends yes, but none of my close friends. Except one, but she's older than me and allready had a two-yearold when we got to know eachother.) For E.'s shower I'm going to prepare some pasta sallad together with two of her friends that I don't know (but they know eachother). Can be interesting.

And next week I'm thinking about going to see Robyn's gig at Katalin. You know she's more than just her teenage hits from the middle 90's. Not a favorite of mine, but it could be fun. The weekend after I'm going to see Anna Ternheim, The Ark and Moneybrother. I can't wait to see Ternheim play again. Ahh. :)

Now: windows.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


This is a (pretty bad) picture of the cool ring I bought when H. and I visited Street.