Sunday, March 20, 2005


So, what's new? Hm, not much really.

I've been working on my essay. It's mostly been going very very slow. Yet ok in some way, I guess. Started planning the next one too, so I really need to finish the prostitution one really really soon.

I've been to a couple of concerts. First Elin Sigvardsson at Södra Teatern in Stockholm and then Ane Brun at Katalin. Canadian Wendy McNeill opened for Ane and she was great. Ane was fabulous. I also saw author/comedian Jonas Gardell's latest show a couple of weeks ago. It' was good but not a favorite if I should compare to the earlier I've seen. He's still a favorite of mine though and I'm looking forward to the last book in the trilogi somewhat based on his own youth in Sweden of the 70's.

Yeah, and a religious guy that was in the same course as I last semester ment that god has talked to him about me, and a story followed. I didn't exactly appreciate his move and told him that too. He apologized and I told him a deeper explanation, but no further dialogue about it, would follow. Haven't sent him that explanation yet though. Not in the top of my priority list right now.

Next weekend is Easter and I'll be going back home for some days. Spending time with my brother, with my parents (for a day or two when they've returned from the mountains) and a dear friend of mine. And my cat.