Sunday, August 28, 2005

Should I?

Should I keep that top I bought and will I ever find a black skirt to go with it? Should one really wear black and really dark colours at a wedding? Do I care? It's fall now, isn't it? Darker colours should be allowed. Why doesn't my grandmother Hanna's old necklace really match the top? And the other top/t-shirt I bought, what's the deal with that one? And I really didn't see L. until she was right before me on the street. God, I need to focus.

And should I? Not worry and just let it go.

Saturday, August 27, 2005


It's dark at nine o'clock in the evening! Last days of August. School starts again on Tuseday for me. Soon it's officially fall. It can still be pretty warm and sunny, if we're lucky. But it's fall and that's mostly depressing. I didn't have enough of summer. Last month and a half was too much rain and cold. Not constantly, but I needed more of that really warm weather. Now it's only getting darker, and I don't know if I'm ready for it. What happened to those days in June when it never got really dark at all? It can be cosy with this August darkness too, sure, but it still feels horrible.

Thursday, took the train down here again. Made sure that that old politics thing was handed in. Friday, tried to study but ended up looking for a dress for the wedding of Erika & John. Went to dinner at Linn's place. Saturday, today, should be studying. Slept really late. Will do laundry. Dinner out with Lena and co. Sunday, tomorrow, will study and perhaps look for dress with Lena. Meet Emelie for coffee.

And I'm also wondering if I'm getting into something I really shouldn't get into. But hey, they say we only live once.

Monday, August 08, 2005


Saturday I went to a summerparty/weddingparty (without the actual wedding) and had a very nice time. I ate a lot of great food, actually wore a dress (a black one that i like), took care of some competitive activities, aaaaand...I sang karaoke (so help me god) together with the bride and some other people. After 5-6 songs or something I gave up after a slaughter of Like A Virgin, hehe.

Gotta sleep now.